About The Project

Amos Cave Adventure

This short film is a door into Amos’ imagination where he shares with you the high octane, zany and colourful environment that his stories take place in. It is driven by Amos’ love for dancing and his whimsical knack for creating scenes and characters very quickly, drawing from his life experiences, the people around him and the media he watches. Embracing this as Amos’ invitation and way to connect, we danced, drew and are led by his bold creative choices and performances. Amos’ Cave Adventure documents one of many stories that bloom in the expanse of his imagination and we would like to share this with you.

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About Amos

Amos Tham, 10, loves to move and dance! He is inspired by different things he enjoys on television and loves to play with his brother. Amos has Down syndrome and attends MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School. He loves to invent new words and often uses movement as a way of communication.

About Shaw

Chew Shaw En is a Singaporean artist who works with dance as a frame of reference. Her work is a nexus of her interests in fantasy, worldbuilding, play, contemporary dance, score-based improvisation and experience design. Shaw is a facilitator at Tak Takut Kids Club and programming executive of cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival. Her works In Being With and Big Feelings have been showcased at dan:s Festival and National Gallery Singapore respectively.