About The Project

Kampong Eunos Bird Club is an immersive AR walkthrough experience. Set in a landscape that resembles a bird park, step inside and stroll about the sanctuaries and get to know Sayfullah through observing the different fantastical birds on display! Each bird is brought to life by the Sayfullah’s personal experiences as he fondly reminisces about them, from a childhood memory of eating his favourite kuih lapis at a neighbourhood shop, to his most recent memory of enjoying a plate of (chicken) biryani at a neighbour’s wedding. Kampong Eunos Bird Club is Sayfullah's way of showcasing his huge heart, personality and art to the world!

About Sayfullah

Muhammed Sayfullah, 20, is empathetic and highly interested in current affairs. He has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and uses his iPad not just to communicate with others but also to operate smart home devices in his house. Sayfullah’s favourite colour is yellow and he has a wide range of interests including music, soccer and old-time malay tv shows. He loves and speaks fondly of his pet bird Fifi even though she passed away years ago.

About Dianna

Nur Dianna Said is an art director and illustrator based in Singapore. Her interests are vested in crafting digital and spatial experiences that delight, and she is always exploring new ways to communicate complex narratives into lighthearted visuals. She truly believes that we owe it to ourselves to honour our creative impulses by making them happen, no matter how silly they seem.