About The Project

To the Moon and Back

Follow our 4 friends, Mr Yenkat, Naoek, RLCT and Hairy as they journey through a typical day in Zhao Hang’s imagination. ‘To the moon and back’ is a whimsical 2D animated short film, jointly created by 14 year old Zhao Hang and animator, Peng. Born straight out of Zhao Hang’s ingenuity, the 4 characters move through the film intuitively and cheekily, simply aiming to have a fun time. There is no message or conclusion to make at the end of the film, but we hope the joy we had during the production could be felt and received by the viewers.

About Zhao Hang

Yap Zhao Hang, 14, may seem like a quiet and reserved boy. But inside his wonderful mind, many funny and imaginative characters are at play. He loves telling stories through drawings and would playfully snigger as funny scenarios and ideas pop into his mind. Zhao Hang has autism and attends Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill School.

About Peng

Mok Yuin Peng is a freelance artist, illustrator and animator from Singapore. Being not so good with words, she uses art-making as her way of communication and documenting the world around her -- be it emotions, shower-thoughts or simply inane complaints. She draws inspiration from fun colour combinations, shapes and nostalgic memories.