About The Project

Wear Your Art Out is a collaboration between two craft enthusiasts taking art beyond our comfort levels and wearing our hearts on our sleeves! Art has been the pillar of how we express love, emotions and creativity. It has also been a safe place for us to be whoever we wanna be, however vulnerable we feel. The notion of wearing art on our sleeves is us expressing our truest selves, and proudly wearing them out!

Apps used

About Ashley

Ashley Ang, 13, is passionate about art and animals. She is finding her niche as an artist, painting animals and flowers using acrylic with sand. Ashley has autism and goes to Pathlight School. She enjoys conversations and is always ready to share fun facts about the animals she knows. She is also up for any challenge, even when it is something new and scary, like public speaking.

About Cheryl

Cheryl Tan (Beadbadwolf) is a textile artist behind craft-centric brand, Beadbadwolf. Known for her colourful embroidery and vibrant applications on everyday items, Beadbadwolf is a platform to share her love for all things crafty through beginner-friendly workshops spanning embroidery, weaving, crochet, punch needle, rug-making and sewing. Her love for colours and beads in everything she dabbles with traces back to her Peranakan roots, and seeks to spark a little passion for the arts.