About The Project

Crisis! Concerned Campers at Crystal Cove is a collaborative problem solving drawing game. Players are adventurers on Crystal Cove, an island with crystals, chickens, some confusion and conflict. Using their imagination along with planning and prompts, players are encouraged to come up with creative and non-violent solutions to restore peace on this peculiar island and unlock adventurer achievements.

About Arthur

Arthur Kiu, 11, is a humorous and confident illustrator who enjoys playing games. He loves to create fantastical characters and is learning how to craft stories about them. Growing up with developmental delay, Arthur always does his best in his tasks. He loves ninjas and warriors for their strength and enjoys drawing action packed scenes with them. Arthur attends St Andrew’s Junior School.

About Jhawnette

Jeanette Yap (Jhawnette) draws human stories in ways that are out of the world with aggressive optimism. She uses her work as an opportunity to keep herself tuned in to small voices (including her own) and to harmonise them against louder, more prominent ones. She has worked with National Heritage Board, National Gallery Singapore, Meantime Zine and AWARE to tell their stories.